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I cannot stress enough how important it is to understand that Apple, Google, or Amazon can simply _decide_ to remove access to anything you've "purchased", including many physical goods (if they are internet-connected and running proprietary software), and you have absolutely no recourse.

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"Square — The payments company said Wednesday evening that it will change its name to Block. The name change will go into effect on Dec. 10, and comes as the company expands into new technologies, including blockchain."

Cool I just deleted that app thanks for the reminder.

scored, and the actually won. I give credit to my first haircut since

Loving this guy's content

"Climate Town" does "It's time to break up with our gas stoves"

’s provincial government has announced that it will begin restricting for drivers.

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w00t! Officially the worst PK in the league!!

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I for one hope the stay terrible indefinitely. I want to be an anti-band-wagoner. I want to faithfully watch 50 years of impossibly terrible .

Finally got around to enabling Search in Mastodon. Not sure why I didn't do this sooner.

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