@john I just watched this about twenty minutes ago and was coming here to share it

@mstafford That's funny. The section on the metaverse reminded me of our old debate about Virtual Reality, corporations, and the direction of the industry.

@john I don't specifically remember any debate. But I think that "metaverse" is awful, and "metaverse as a means of surveillance capitalism" even more so. VR as a different perspective to experience content is fun / exciting, but it hopefully (though unlikely) stops there.

@mstafford Right. There's definitely a distinction between the technology itself, and the market around it. But that distinction is also artificial. Without broadcast and cable to buoy Televisions, you honestly don't have television technology. So too with VR. There will always be the clever users who use open source software, root their devices, and stay clear of nefarious tech, but that nefarious tech ultimately drives the industry.

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