Starting to get the hang of this 3DPrinting thing. Batch of castable prints starting their journey to become silver.

Got a few hours to kill while the kiln gets hot and we melt some silver... Thank goodness for. The

Enjoying my !! Got through two successful escapes from the underworld in Hades last night while waiting for some 3D prints to finish! Living the dream!

Also. The wind has died, we're in the middle of the Juan de Fuca Straight, and the engine battery has died. Let's see how this plays out

I should build a home AI system... But I don't think my will cut it...

Watch "$5 MILLION AI for FREE" on YouTube

Curious to see how this all plays out.

David Rosenberg: Roof is about to cave in on the Canadian economy | Financial Post

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How am I only hearing the name just now? It's too good.


Enjoyed this interview about Cryptocurrency and why it should die in a fire:

Starting to get the hang of modeling in Blender and then printing wax models of jewelry. Time to do some silver casting soon!

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Watch "Is Elon Musk Any Good? - Some Some More News Clips" on YouTube

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